Lockdown Loves- Head to Toe Hydration

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My Lockdown Hydration heroes

Yah I know, we’re all sick of listening to the news right now. We’re all a bit sick of the doom and gloom. It’s not easy being stuck in lockdown for so long and we’re all doing our best to cope. The way I’ve been coping is with beauty products. (What’s new right?)

I talk a lot about skincare and makeup so for this post I’m going to concentrate on all over body products. In particular the ones I’ve been loving during lockdown. When this news was first announced my skin and hair went into free fall. I didn’t do a great job of taking care of myself for a week or two and by the time I snapped out of it, damage was done. 

I’ve since become better at self care and these products have been some of my go-to’s during this time at home.

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Garnier Banana and Shea Nourishing Hair Mask

Hair- Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Hair Food Banana & Shea

I have been raving about this hair mask long before lockdown. I’m currently on to tub number 2 and it will definitely be a part of my hair care regime going forward. This mask comes in a variety of different “flavours” but I’m going to concentrate on the Banana & Shea version today. Being perfectly honest with you, the main reason I bought it first day was because of the smell. It smells out of this world. After using I just cannot believe it costs under a tenner. 

My hair is dry and because I bleach the ends it tends to get a bit frizzy when it needs a trim. This hair mask helps so much with this. I’m currently using it 2/3 times a week from the middle ends right down to the ends of my hair. I comb it through with my Tangle Teezer and leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse off. It leaves my hair feeling so much softer and healthier looking. And it really helps to reduce the frizzy look on the ends. 

I know that more challenging times are coming in the next few weeks until we get back to our hairdressers but I’m so happy to have this amongst my lockdown favourites.

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Aliso Fresh Mint lip balm

Lips- Aliso Fresh Mint lip Balm

I have the driest lips in the world so I’m always on the lookout for new lip balms to try. I was really lucky to win two tubes of this new Organic lip balm a few months ago. It comes in two flavours, Fresh Mint and Summer Fruit. Out of the two I just fell in love with the Fresh Mint one. 

It’s not at all over powering or “tingly” when you apply it. By far it’s one of the most hydrating lip balms I’ve ever used and it’s also reasonably priced. I’m going to attach a list of  stockists here. I highly recommend it if, like me you suffer with excessively dry lips, I know you’ll find it helpful. Aliso is a relatively new brand to the market but if these two products are anything to go by, they’re an excellent addition. 

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Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment

Hands– Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

I feel like I’m being Obvious Olive by including this one but there you go!! Lockdown has been particularly rough on our hands. All that extra hand washing and use of hand sanitizers has really dried them out. So proper hydration is absolutely necessary. 

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment is probably one of the most famous hand creams in the world and with good reason. It absolutely works!! Not only does it nourish the skin and nails it also has a wonderful non sticky texture. It’s quick drying and it smells completely incredible. I also tend to keep an eye out for any limited edition scented ones that come out from time to time. I know that Clarins.ie have a few of these at the moment. 

There is a 15% discount code running on Clarins.ie.until the end of April. Just use the code CLARINSFAM to avail of it. It’s applicable on everything if you fancy treating yourself. 

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Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion

Body- Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion 

I know, I know another Clarins product but genuinely I find the brand hard to beat for body products. 

Previously I’ve been so bad at moisturising my body. I hated the sticky feeling and having to wait for it to dry in before getting dressed. But I got a sample size of Moisture Rich in a Clarins gift and it changed everything. 

The reasons I love Moisture Rich;

  • It’s quick drying
  • Your skin feels incredible afterwards 
  • It doesn’t feel sticky at all
  • The smell is absolutely heavenly. In fact it’s so good there is no need for fragrance when you have it on. 

I’ve tried other body lotions, including other Clarins ones and for me, nothing compares to this one. It normally comes in a 200ml size but if you’re able to, I’d highly recommend picking up the Limited Edition 400ml size if you see it available as it is much better value for money.

Again the discount code mentioned above applies to the body lotion should you like to try it. That’s applicable until the end of April 2020.

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Seoulista Beauty Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure

Feet- Seoulista Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure

I’ve written about these before but I thought it was worth mentioning them again here. Our poor feet can end up being neglected all Winter long and by the time we’re back in sandals we’re dealing with dried out hoofs!! 

If you fancy learning more about these I’ll leave the link to the original post here.


So that’s it! Some of my absolute life savers during lockdown. Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know! 



There is a mixture of products I've bought and PR samples included in this post. As always all opinions are my own. Also the codes and links used in the post are non affiliate

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