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The Charlotte Tilbury Glow Family

If you have followed me for any length of time at all you will know of my love for Charlotte Tilbury. A few months ago I wrote this post about my top recommendations. Today I’m going to talk to you about some of her best products for adding glow to the skin. 

Charlotte’s signature make up looks always start with glowy skin. No matter what age group she’s working with, plump looking, glowy skin will always be her end goal. I think this could be why I love her make up looks so much. Everything is made to look effortless and natural as opposed to rigid and heavily contoured. They are looks that transfer well to real life!!

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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter- Shade 4

The first product I have been trying to get the glowy look is Flawless Filter. When this product was first released there was a bit confusion as to what it actually was. A number of my followers messaged me actually thinking it was a new foundation. The best way I can describe Flawless Filter is it’s like a cross between a CC Cream and an illuminating primer. There is little to no coverage with it but it does even out the skin leaving it looking dewy and plump.

There are a few different ways to use Flawless Filter. You can apply it over your moisturiser and under your foundation using a brush in the same way that you would apply your foundation. This is my least favourite way to use it.  I find that level of glow all over a little bit too much for me. I just end up looking sweaty instead of glowy!! Personally I love to mix a few drops of it with my foundation. It gives my skin just the right amount of lift so I look like I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. I also really like applying it with my fingers on the areas where you would normally pop your highlighter. It just glows soooo beautifully. 

Charlotte Tilbury, irish beauty blog, beauty blog

I mixed Flawless Filter Shade 4 with my foundation that day ato achieve the glow. I’m also wearing the highlighting shade from the Filmstar Bronze and Glow.

Is this a must have product? My answer would be no but if you’re looking for a product to treat yourself with, this would be a great choice. My biggest bit of advice when choosing a shade would be to try and get to a counter. Around the time this was launched I saw several people order the wrong shade for them online and end up hating the product. Go to the counter and get shade matched, €40 is a pricey mistake to make. I use Shade 4.

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The brush is my own BTW, it doesn’t come with the powder

Next up is Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder. There have been a number of new launches from Charlotte recently. Unfortunately because of my bank balance I’ve had to resist lots of them. When I read the description for Magic Powder though it sounded like something I had to have. I am already a really big fan of her Airbrush Pressed Powder and thought nothing would top that. Having now used Magic Powder for a while I can tell you firstly, they’re both very different from one another. And secondly, they are both equally as wonderful as each other. 

I’m going to start off by saying that Magic Powder works so well for me because I have dry skin. If you don’t have dry skin the glowy nature of the powders finish may not be for you. I used Magic Powder for the first time while I was dying sick with a cold. Instantly I fell in love with it due to the amount of compliments I kept getting about my skin during that time. It was obvious even when I looked in the mirror though. I felt miserable but I looked great. The only thing that had changed was the powder, it really was magic!! It comes in three shades, I bought Medium based on the description of it on the website. 

I know for sure that I won’t ever be without this powder. It lifts and illuminates the skin especially under the eyes helping you to look awake and refreshed. I’ve also experienced no issues at all with it sinking into the lines on my forehead and around my eyes. This for me is the biggest test of any powder and this one passes with flying colours. 

The only negative I can find with this product is the smell. It’s even a difficult smell to describe, the only thing I can tell you for sure is that it’s unpleasant!! On the bright side though, you can only smell it as you apply the powder, after that it disappears so it certainly wouldn’t put me off. 

Irish beauty blogger, charlotte tilbury, beauty blog, irish blog, bar of gold highter

The magnificent Bar of Gold Highlighter Palette

Lastly, let me tell you all about the Bar of Gold Highlighter Palette. I went back and forth for weeks as to whether I “needed” this or not.  The minute I came face to face with it in Arnotts though, it was a no brainer. Absolute love at first sight. In the palette you have three shades. Shade 1 is the original Bar of Gold shade. Shade 2 is Rose Gold and Shade 3 is Gold Bullion. Each shade is so delicate and pretty in it’s own right but they elevate to the next level entirely once mixed together. 

The shades are buildable depending on the look you’re going for and they make your skin appear really fresh and glowy. I would go so far as to say it’s the nicest highlighting palette I own. I hope it’s kept on as a core part of the collection as I really need to be able to buy it again once this one is gone!!

So these are the products I have been using from Charlotte Tilbury to help my skin reach peak glow. What are your thoughts? Do you have any of these products already? As always let me know below!!




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