Charlotte Tilbury Lovegasm Face Palette


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Charlotte Tilbury Lovegasm Face Palette

The incredible Glowgasm collection from Charlotte Tilbury launched in April of this year. The collection is all about adding a wash of glowing gorgeousness to the eyes, lips and cheeks.

The collection consists of the Luxury Palette in the shade Dreamgasm. Two face palettes in the shades, Lightgasm and Lovegasm. Three Beauty Light Wands in the shades, Goldgasm, Peachgasm and Pinkgasm. There are also two new shades of Collagen Lip Bath coming, Rosy Glow and Peachy Plump. 

The launch of this collection also sees a permanent return of the two gorgeous Eyes to Mesmerise pots in Rose Gold and Star Gold. 

So as usual, I wanted everything but unfortunately my budget didn’t stretch that far, so choices had to be made!! My choice was the Face palette in the shade Lovegasm. The face palette is an eye watering €75 so I’m not here to tell you you can’t live without it. But honestly….it is just beautiful. 

The biggest obstacle when buying it was trying to decide which shade to get. On paper, because I’m quite fair skinned Lightgasm should suit me best. But I did a bit of research, which consisted mainly of checking out the incredible Really Ree’s swatches. And after that, I decided that I much preferred the shades in the Lovegasm palette. 

Irish beauty blog, beauty blog, Lovegasm Face Palette

Swatches of Charlotte Tilbury Lovegasm Face Palette

So let me break the shades in the palette down for you;

  • “Light It” is the beautifully soft champagne coloured highlight.
  • “Glow It” is also designed as a highlighter that can be layered over Light It but I have been using this as both a blush and an eye colour too and it is just stunning.
  • “Pop It” is the exquisite blush shade which is like NARS Orgasm multiplied by a million!!! The beautiful glow this shade adds to your skin is something I’ve never experienced before with any other blush.
  • “Bronze It”. A shade that at first glance looks like it should be way too dark for me, but it isn’t at all.
Irish beauty blog, beauty blog

Here I’ve used the palette on my eyes and cheeks

Obviously that’s great for me but if your skin is much darker than mine then definitely pay close attention to the swatches. I have also been using it as a transition shade on my eyes. In fact I have actually created some beautiful, soft and glowy eyes looks using just this palette.

That’s part  of the reason why I think it’s very much worth the money.  It’s just such an all rounder. And as a consumer I’m happy to pay €75 for a palette that I can use as a contour, blush, highlight and eye palette. In fact when you break it down like that it works out at excellent value for money. Especially when you consider the quality of the powders. 

Irish beauty blog, beauty blog

The contour and blush shades in action here

So to summarise, I’m really glad I bought this palette. If you’re thinking of making a purchase, my only word of caution would be to look closely at swatches. Just to make sure you’re choosing the most suitable one for your skin type.

I’ve mentioned Really Ree already. I think her swatches are really true to life so definitely check them out before you invest. 

The Lovegasm Face palette is available here on the Charlotte Tilbury website.

Have you tried anything from the collection yet?





  1. May 22, 2019 / 4:52 pm

    Glowgasm is a beautiful collection. I bought lightgasm face palette and love it, the shades are perfect for me. I didn’t buy the eyeshadow palette, as I already have two of the shades in it.

    • May 22, 2019 / 6:18 pm

      The Lightgasm palette looks so pretty too. The palette is very similar to her Exaggereyes palette so I wouldn’t be too interested in it. I would love both of the two new Lip Collagen Baths though

    • May 22, 2019 / 6:19 pm

      After seeing the swatches I knew Lovegasm was definitely going to be the one for me

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