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The beautiful Eye Colour Magic collection

Back in March 2020 Charlotte Tilbury launched her Eye Colour Magic collection. The collection consists of four Eye Colour Magic luxury palettes and four corresponding liner duos. The idea behind the collection was to enhance a person’s natural eye colour by using colour theory. Based on the principles of colour theory copper shades make blue eyes look bluer. Blue shades make brown eyes look amber. Maroon/Plum shades make green eyes look greener and Greens/Golds make hazel eyes look more golden.

Of course this doesn’t mean that only one of the options in the Eye Colour Magic collection will suit you. It just means that the matches mentioned will be the biggest contrast, hence will make your eye colour pop the most. I have blue eyes and to be honest I think they all suit me but I do agree that the Copper Charge quad makes my eyes look the bluest. 

In this post I’m going to run through each of the quads. I will show you the looks that I’ve created using each of the quads. This way you can see that no matter what eye colour you have, any of these quads can work for you.

Copper Charge

Irish beauty blogger, cork blogger, Copper Charge

Copper Charge

I’m starting with the collection that’s deemed most suited to my eye colour, Copper Charge. I have a lot of shades like this in my collection already so I was wondering how these ones were going to measure up.

In case you don’t own any Charlotte Tilbury quads, let me explain the concept behind them. In each quad there is a Prime, Enhance, Smoke and Pop shade. They are numbered 1 to 4 on the under side of the quad so it makes application easier.

The first three shades can be applied with a brush as normal but the pop shade is best applied with the fingertip. Out of the four quads, I found this one the easiest to work with. It blended like an absolute dream.The pigment is excellent, especially the pop shade, it feels like butter.

Irish beauty blogger, cork blogger, Copper Charge

The finished Copper Charge look

Once I had finished creating the look using the Copper Charge quad I was absolutely sold on the colour theory philosophy!! This palette made me eyes look so blue!! Way more so than I was expecting. I must also give special mention to the Copper Charge pencil. I used the matte side as a liner on my top lid and the metallic side in my waterline. The pencil is so soft and extremely easy to use. I particularly love the metallic side for giving that extra pop to the waterline. Highly recommend!

You can shop the Copper Charge quad here and the Copper Charge Magic Liner here.

Green Lights

Irish beauty blogger, cork blogger, Green Lights

Green Lights

The philosophy behind the Green Lights quad is to make Hazel eyes more Golden. I have blue eyes (as I think you know by now!!) and I found this quad incredibly flattering. The colours are so soft, sage, olive and gold tones that glide on lid seamlessly.  I don’t have the pencil from this look so I took a small detail brush and used the gold shade from the quad in my waterline instead. Because the shadows are so soft it worked really well and finished the look off perfectly. 

Green Lights, Irish Beauty blog, Cork blogger

The finished Green Lights look

I know that this isn’t a bit helpful but I love this one too. The formula is wonderful and the shades themselves are so beautiful, a perfect colour palette for day or night.

You can buy the Green Lights quad here and the Green Lights Magic Liner here.


Mesmerising Maroon

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Mesmerising Maroon

Mesmerising Maroon is designed to make green eyes look greener. Green is the rarest eye colour of all. Plums, purples and maroon shades create a beautiful contrast with the green, causing the eye colour to pop. 

Again this palette blends well, it’s maybe not as easy to use as the previous two but definitely worth the extra bit of time and effort. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. These aren’t the type of shades that I normally gravitate to but I was really happy with the finished look. I decided to go a bit vampy with the look adding a super dark lip to finish it off. 

Mesmerising Maroon, Irish Beauty blog, Cork blogger

The finished Mesmerising Maroon look

The liner again is amazing, I cannot stress enough how amazing these liners are. They just add so much extra to the look and are so easy to use. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to use this quad on someone with green eyes, the finished look will be amazing. 

You can buy the Mesmerising Maroon quad here and the Mesmerising Maroon Magic Liner here.

Super Blue

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Super Blue

And last but not least, Super Blue. Designed to make Brown eyes look more Amber, Super Blue is the most striking of all of the quads IMHO. 

I was sooo excited to try this. The pop shade especially really spoke to me. The two shades on the right, the bronze one and the dark navy are extremely pigmented so bare that in mind when dipping your brush!! I would have like the Prime shade to go on a bit paler than it did to deliver more of a contrast with the bronze but this is just a personal preference.

Irish beauty blog, Super Blue, Cork blogger

The finished Super Blue look

The blue pop shade is a thing of beauty. You do need to layer it on for it to be vibrant but oh my goodness is it worth it. Absolutely stunning on blue eyes too, not a single ABBA throwback in sight!! 

I’m going to give special mention (AGAIN) for the pencil. This pencil is mind blowing. The only issue with it is, it’s constantly sold out everywhere!! I will leave the link below for it on as you can pop your email address in and they will email you once it comes back into stock. My advice would be, if you see it online then do not hesitate to buy it before it goes again! 

You can buy the Super Blue quad here

and the Super Blue Magic Liner here.

When I did the series of looks over on Instagram I thought it might help me decide a favourite out of the four collections. It didn’t… At all!!!

I feel like if you go for the quad for your designated eye colour you will not be disappointed. But if one of the others takes your fancy more, then give it a try. I have more pictures and videos of these looks over on my Instagram  if you want to have a look. 



The links in this blog post are affiliate. It doesn't cost you anymore to use them but I get a small payment if you decide to. All of the quads and pencils, with the exception of the Super Blue quad are PR samples but as usual all opinions are my own.
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